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Penelope Silver Master Ene​rgy Healer & Spiritual Coach

You have it all - so why does it never feel enough?

I help ambitious but anxious women get out of their own heads and 

find the space to create a life they truly love.


It is my MISSION to help end the stress and burnout epidemic…

Does this sound familiar?

- Wasting precious time feeling anxious

- Working hard for what you want in life, yet feeling like there is something out of alignment

- Feeling like there is something else you are meant for, a life that lights you up from the inside out rather than outside in

- Longing for the feeling of inner peace

I can relate, this was EXACTLY how I was feeling before I took charge of things!

It’s not your fault that every day feels such a battle -

 you’re so busy constantly doing and people pleasing there’s never any time to pay attention to what you really need.

Sure, you are doing “all the things” to try and get out of your own head, but you feel like you need something more, 

a way to slow down and tune in so you can unlock your divine gifts, become CONFIDENT, ABUNDANT, FULFILLED.

Now, I want you to imagine…

Waking up every morning ready to jump out of bed and EXCITED to take on the day…

No negative chatter weighing you down, no expectations to meet, no feeling like a total imposter in your own life…

A bigger way in which you get to share your creativity, message, and love.

Whatever that thing is, you know it’s time to stop holding back from speaking your truth and shining your light UNAPOLOGETICALLY!


I offer all the holistic therapies including Reiki Healing, Reiki facial, and EFT Tapping

These are therapies that had a profound effect on my own healing journey to support you in

REALIGNING with your purpose

GAINING CLARITY on what’s holding you back from being fulfilled

Make GREATER IMPACT in the world with your divine gifts.

This is for anxious and frazzled women who want to get de-stressed, feel more grounded, and deeply and blissfully relaxed.

When you work with me I hold the space for you to finally relax, rebalance and restore your energy systems.

Think of it as a hug for your soul!

I’m READY & WAITING to help you, let’s start this journey together!

Client Testimonial

Penny is a miracle worker. She was recommended to me by Matt who advised me I needed her help, oh he was so right! Everybody works on bettering themselves on the outside but we are all guilty of forgetting what vibes we give out from inside. I didn’t tell my friends what I was doing to see if they recognised a difference and they did! They said they could see a more confident relaxed lady whose a lot happier in her own skin. Thanks Penny for your continued help and support I don’t know what I’d do without you now.

Tracy Worrall