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Penelope Silver Master Ene​rgy Healer & Spiritual Coach

In 2009, I walked away from my home and toxic marriage, broken, with nothing more than my two tiny babies and the clothes on our backs.

The path led straight to my freedom, and my babies gave me every reason to get up, dust myself off and build a new life.

I had no idea where to start. I had no house, no car, no money.

I found out I was eligible to claim benefits, and I sold my wedding dress to raise funds for the deposit on our rental home.

Even though I was resilient, I was burdened with unhappiness and an overwhelming feeling of worry.

I was offered anti-depressants by my doctor, which I refused and went in search of another solution.

I was lucky enough to learn first-hand how specific holistic modalities were able to help me heal, quickly and efficiently (whereas 2.5 years of counselling had left me feeling frustrated and stuck).

After just two weeks of meditation, I was signed off by my counsellor, who was astounded at the change in me! I stopped letting my thoughts control me by clearing my head.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helped to shift the negative beliefs and past trauma I had suffered and accepted the past for what it was.

Reiki balanced me out on an energetic level and made me calmer, relaxed, positive and more grounded.

Receiving the treatments wasn't enough for me, and so I trained in Reiki and EFT. With the view of doing this full time when I retired from my day job.

At that time, my workload as a Corporate Project Manager was increasing by the day and giving me less and less time to practise.

I started to feel weighed down again. As a family, we were in a very disciplined routine; we had to be to fit everything in.

The kids were at school at 7.30am, and I picked them up at 6.30pm. Once I had put the kids to bed, I started work again from home until the early hours.

We were achieving results, but we weren't living and I wasn't being present in the moment with my precious girls.

In November 2016, while I had been in a fantastic new job for only eight months, I was made redundant completely out of the blue. 

I was absolutely devastated, and panic struck.

I was the sole breadwinner, how on earth was I going to pay the bills and feed my children?

Once I had stopped crying (believe me I did a lot) I looked inwards and realised this was the Universe giving me a massive kick up the backside!

I was at a crossroads; do I go for a similar job and routine or do I make a different choice? Take a different path and be free of unhappiness?

This was a golden opportunity, so I took a huge leap of faith and launched my Holistic Practice in Cheshire, UK.

As the first clients began to come through the door, I began to feel more and more hopeful with each passing day.

My daughters told me how proud they were of me which gave me the motivation, excitement and confidence to be the very best I can be and in 2017 I won The Centre Of Excellence "Outstanding Holistic Therapist Of The Year" award.

In November 2018, my clients voted for me in The Talk of Manchester Business Awards, and I won a special Commendation for "Best Health and Wellbeing" company.

I am SO passionate about personal development, and as I grow, so does my business.

I have been published in magazines and appeared on The BBC and Channel 4.

I feel completely liberated and am now free to follow my dreams by spreading healing, happiness and positivity throughout the world.

I realised I was free to transform my life, and I am confident I can empower you to do the same!

I believe powerful women will heal the World collectively so I connect and empower like-minded women through my healing, coaching, public speaking, IGTV and online courses.

I believe in abundance for all and look forward to connecting with you and becoming wildly successful together.

Pursuing My Passion

My thirst for personal and personal development is grows daily. 

I am so passionate and focused on reducing stress, promoting relaxation and positivity, removing negative past learnt beliefs and creating a more positive outlook on life.

Helping women achieve peace and harmony is my goal.

Thank you for sharing in my journey.

Love & Light,