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Penelope Silver Master Ene​rgy Healer & Spiritual Coach

Meet Your Master

Penelope Silver is an multi award-winning Master Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach;

currently studying a Master of Science degree in Metaphysics.


Described by Joanna Hunter as "The Breaker Of Chains" ...

Penelope is a Disruptive Ritual Alchemist.

Penelope is a Disruptive Ritual Alchemist for self-led High Achievers.

The alchemist believes that all things in nature can be transformed, or purified, into a higher essence.

Having spent her life experimenting and working out what got the best results, so she can now share her extensive knowledge with you.

No matter where you are right now, Penelope intuitively opens up new gateways and doorways for your future and offers insight into what else is possible.

What you do with these pathways is up to you.


Luxurious Inner Wellbeing...

Your journey begins with taking the first step into the worthy energy of luxurious wellbeing.

Emotional Alchemy gently releases old, stuck, unwanted emotions and low vibe energy that no longer serves you for your highest good.

Energy healing is a magical experience; where I hold the space for you and channel divine energy to allow you to activate your own healing to cleanse, clear, balance your chakra system and find your flow.

I call it a "hug for your soul".

The Path of Healing takes time; there are no miraculous cures; investing in your wellbeing guides you to move from "unworthy" to "worthy" energy codes.

Click Below To Read My Unfolding Healing Journey...

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