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Pen​el​o​pe Silver

Life Purpose Coach & Reiki Master

Wellbeing Blog

Wellbeing Blog

How do you feel about the Festive Period?

Posted on December 3, 2019 at 2:35 AM

How do you feel about the Festive Period?


I absolutely LOVE Christmas and almost everything about it.


It's the most magical time for me, my girls and my family.


There are a few things which bring anxiety and give that burning sensation rising from my tummy up to my heart.


As a single mummy, I find the financial side a bit of stretch, especially as the clinic I work at closes over Christmas & New Year.


Then the car needs £600 worth of work doing to it and deposits need paying for school trips! Which all comes out of the blue, you know how it goes!


Also, as much as my family all love each other, we are human, and we sometimes argue, especially over how to cook the turkey!


In reality, I have saved up for Christmas all year and look forward to this time.


Here are a few journaling prompts I like to use when I feel my thoughts and anxiety starting to go on a downward spiral.


Writing the answers to these questions, I do one per day, really helps me stay positive and grounded.


Focusing on all the things I love and the things that made me feel good as a child and more recently lift my spirits.


Give them, and a go and I would love to know your thoughts.


Here are 10 Christmas journal prompts to get you started:


What is your favourite Christmas memory as a child?

What's your favourite Christmas movie and why?

When do you decorate your Christmas tree? Do you have tree-decorating traditions?

Do you have Christmas Eve boxes? What's the best gift you have got in them?

Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? What traditions do you have?

What time do you wake up on Christmas Day? Who wakes up first?

What are your favourite Christmas smells?

How do you spend Christmas day?

Every year we buy a new Christmas Reindeer and give them names such as Ralph the Reindeer, Lorraine Deer, Twiggy... Do you have an ornament collection or tradition?

Do you dress up or dress casually for Christmas lunch/dinner? What do you love to wear?


Please comment below with your feel-good journaling prompts and share your answers! Sharing is caring!

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